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    • Species richness effects on grassland recovery from drought depend on community productivity in a multi-site experiment 

      Kreyling J; Dengler J; Walter J; Velev J; Ugurlu E; Sopotlieva D; Ransijn J; Picon-Cochard C; Nijs I; Hernandez P; Güler B; von Gillhaussen P; De Boeck HJ; Bloor JMG; Berwaers S; Beierkuhnlein C; Arfin Kahn MAS; Apostolova I; Altan Y; Zeiter M; Wellstein C; Sternberg M; Stampfli A; Campetella G; Bartha S; Bahn M; Jentsch A (2017)
      Biodiversity can buffer ecosystem functioning against extreme climatic events, but few experiments have explicitly tested this. Here, we present the first multisite biodiversity 9 drought manipulation experiment to examine ...