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    • Global parameterization and validation of a two-leaf light use efficiency model for predicting gross primary production across FLUXNET sites 

      Zhou Y; Wu X; Ju W; Chen JM; Wang S; Wang H; Yuan W; Black TA; Jassal R; Ibrom A; Han S; Yan J; Margolis H; Roupsard O; Li Y; Zhao F; Kiely G; Starr G; Pavelka M; Montagnani L; Wohlfahrt G; D'Odorico P; Cook D; Arain MA; Bonal D; Beringer J; Blanken PD; Loubet B; Leclerc MY; Matteucci G; Nagy Z; Olejnik J; U KTP; Varlagin A (2016)
      Light use efficiency (LUE) models are widely used to simulate gross primary production (GPP). However, the treatment of the plant canopy as a big leaf by these models can introduce large uncertainties in simulated GPP. ...