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    • Fault Tolerance in the R-GMA Information and Monitoring System 

      Byrom, R; Coghlan, B; Cooke, A; Cordenonsi, R; Cornwall, L; Craig, M; Djaoui, A; Duncan, A; Fisher, S; Gray, A; Hicks, S; Kenny, S; Leake, J; Lyttleton, O; Magowan, J; Middleton, R; Nutt, W; O'Callaghan, D; Podhorszki, N; Taylor, P; Walk, J; Wilson, A (Springer, 2005)
      R-GMA (Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture) [1] is a grid monitoring and information system that provides a global view of data distributed across a grid system. R-GMA creates the impression of a single centralised ...