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    • Process Mining Manifesto 

      van der Aalst WMP; Adriansyah A; Alves De Medeiros AK; Arcieri F; Baier T; Blickle T; Jagadeesh Chandra Bose RP; van den Brand P; Brandtjen R; Buijs JCAM; Burattin A; Carmona J; Castellanos M; Claes J; Cook J; Costantini N; Curbera F; Damiani E; De Leoni M; Delias P; van Dongen BF; Dumas M; Dustdar S; Fahland D; Ferreira DR; Gaaloul W; van Geffen F; Goel S; Gunther CW; Guzzo A; Harmon P; ter Hofstede AHM; Hoogland J; Ingvaldsen JE; Kato K; Kuhn R; Kumar A; La Rosa M; Maggi FM; Malerba D; Mans RS; Manuel A; Mccreesh M; Mello P; Mendling J; Montali M; Nezhad HRM; zur Muehlen M; Munoz-Gama J; Pontieri L; Ribeiro J; Rozinat A; Perez HS; Perez RS; Sepulveda M; Sinur J; Soffer P; Song M; Sperduti A; Stilo G; Stoel C; Swenson KD; Talamo M; Tan W; Turner C; Vanthienen J; Varvaressos G; Verbeek E; Verdonk M; Vigo R; Wang J; Weber B; Weidlich M; Weijters T; Wen L; Westergaard M; Wynn MT (Springer, 2011)
      Process mining techniques are able to extract knowledge from event logs commonly available in today’s information systems. These techniques provide new means to discover, monitor, and improve processes in a variety of ...
    • Semantical Vacuity Detection in Declarative Process Mining 

      Di Ciccio C; Maggi FM; Montali M; Mendling J (Springer, 2016)
      A large share of the literature on process mining based on declarative process modeling languages, like declare, relies on the notion of constraint activation to distinguish between the case in which a process execution ...
    • Semantics and analysis of DMN decision tables 

      Calvanese D; Dumas M; Laurson Ü; Maggi FM; Montali M; Teinemaa I (Springer, 2016)
      The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is a standard notation to capture decision logic in business applications in general and business processes in particular. A central construct in DMN is that of a decision table. The ...