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    • The competitiveness of entrepreneurial firms from a network perspective 

      Lechner C (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016)
      The competitive- ness of firms cannot be fully understood if the firm’s embeddedness in larger socioeconomic systems is ignored (Lorenzoni, 1992). Apart from firm-level effects, there exists thus a variety of factors that ...
    • Making a virtue of necessity: Women as agents of social innovation: Experiences of women’s empowerment and community resilience in rural areas 

      Dalla Torre C; Ravazzoli E; Alkhaled S; Marini Govigli V; Bengoumi M; Chorti H; Gramm V; Gorriz-Misfud E; Jack S; Labidi A; Melnykovych M; Sfeir P; Zivojinovic I (2019)
      Presentation at: ISIRC Social Innovation: Local Solutions to Global Challenges ; Glasgow ; 02/09/2019 - 04/09/2019 ; In marginalized rural areas of Europe and Mediterranean basin, women actively participate in ...
    • Report D6.2 Policy Implications for Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas 

      Ludvig A; Weiss G; Živojinović I; Nijnik M; Miller D; Barlagne C; Dijkshoorn-Dekker M; Jack S; Alkhaled S; Polman N; Perlik M; Hermann P; Egger T; Dalla Torre C; Slee B; Streifeneder T; Ravazzoli E; Sfeir P; Lukesch R; Wagner K; Egartner S; Niedermayr J; Clotteau M; Mosdale L (SIMRA, 2018)
      Addressing the role that policies can play in the diversity of Social Innovations in Marginalized Rural Areas presumes that innovations are directly triggered by policies. The report shows how this holds true for some ...