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    • A CAD Tool to Support Idea Generation in the Product Planning Phase 

      Bacciotti, D; Borgianni, Y; Rotini, F (CAD Solutions, 2015)
      CAD tools provide an essential aid to designers in New Product Development (NPD) processes by accelerating and easing activities that required consistent time resources decades ago. At the same time, the scientific community ...
    • A CAD tool to support idea generation in the product planning phase 

      Bacciotti, D; Borgianni, Y; Rotini, F (2016)
      The work described in the paper is motivated by the lack of computer-aided tools to support Product Planning and, more specifically ideation processes of New Product Development (NPD) initiatives. The domain is populated ...
    • An original design approach for stimulating the ideation of new product features 

      Bacciotti, D; Borgianni, Y; Rotini, F (Elsevier, 2016)
      The manuscript illustrates a method, implemented in a computer application, which supports the identification of new product features in the early phases of engineering design cycles. In the practice, such a task is commonly ...