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  • Neumesy: A special robot for neurosurgery 

    Boscariol P; Gasparetto A; Lanzutti A; Vidoni R; Zanotto V (2011)
    In the last years a large number of new surgical devices have been developed so as to improve the operation outcomes and reduce the patient’s trauma. Nevertheless the dexterity and accuracy required in positioning the ...
  • Neuro-cognitive foundations of prosodic word processing – evidence from fMRI 

    Klein, E; Domahs, U; Grande, M; Domahs, F (BioMed Central / Springer Verlag (Germany), 2011)
    Background: To date, the neural correlates of phonological word stress processing are largely unknown. Methods: In the present study, we investigated the processing of word stress and vowel quality using an identity matching ...
  • Neurobiologie der Mehrsprachigkeit und didaktische Umsetzungen: Ein Spagat 

    Franceschini, R (Eichstaett Academic Press, 2014)
  • A neuronal interactive location for multilingual talent 

    Della Rosa PA; Videsott G; Borsa V; Canini M; Weekes BS; Franceschini R; Abutalebi J (2013)
    In the recent book “Babel No More”, Michael Erard (2012) provides a fascinating survey of the world's most extraordinary language learners such as the 19th-century Italian Cardinal Mezzofanti who reportedly spoke 50 ...
  • New 'solutions' for floating cultivation system of ready-to-eat salad: A review 

    Tomasi N; Pinton R; Costa LD; Cortella G; Terzano R; Mimmo T; Scampicchio M; Cesco S (ELSEVIER SCIENCE LONDON, 2015)
    Soilless cultivation systems represent an alternative to traditional agriculture, as they offer the possibility to reduce water use and to design nutrient formulations of the hydroponic solutions in order to maximize yield ...
  • A New Admittance Type Haptic Interface for Bimanual Manipulations 

    Peer A; Buss M (2008)
    The concept of a new mobile haptic interface for bimanual manipulations in 6 DOFs is presented. The design of this mobile haptic interface is based on a modular system consisting of two components: two admittance-type ...
  • New and Old Minorities: Migration Politics in South Tyrol 

    Carlà A (Eurac research, 2012)
    The following report is part of the project ALIAS – “Autonomia, Lavoro, e Integrazione in Alto Adige-Südtirol” (Autonomy, Labor and Integration in South Tyrol), conducted by the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) – ...
  • A new application of ICT for operational monitoring in forestry sector 

    Gallo R; Unterhofer T; Mazzetto F (Geyseco, 2014)
    A new approach for the operational monitoring for implementing the performance control of forest mechanisation chains is here proposed and discussed. The present study aims to develop a new approach of Precision Forestry. ...
  • A new approach for regional photovoltaic power estimation and forecast 

    Pierro M; De Felice M; Maggioni E; Moser D; Perotto A; Spada F; Cornaro C (2017)
    On regional scale, the estimation of the solar power generation from the environmental conditions and the solar power forecast is essential for Distribution System Operators, Transmission System Operator, energy traders, ...
  • A new approach for the assessment of timber mass during cable yarding: Some preliminary results 

    Gallo, R; Mazzetto, F (Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2015)
  • A new assembly for higher safety 

    Concli F (2015)
    New technologies, new materials and new products.
  • A new classification of earthquake-induced landslide event sizes based on seismotectonic, topographic, climatic and geologic factors 

    Havenith HB; Torgoev A; Braun A; Schlögel R; Micu M (2016)
    This paper reviews the classical and some particular factors contributing to earthquake-triggered landslide activity. This analysis should help predict more accurately landslide event sizes, both in terms of potential ...
  • A new concept of marine renewable energy 

    Concli F (2015)
    The idea behind the MARINTEK project is to be able to extract energy from the see waves in a more efficient way with respect to the actual OCW systems. The Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC) can potentially produce up ...
  • A new Cost Action of interest to lexicographers: European Network for Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques (enetCollect) 

    Nicolas L; Lyding V (2017)
    We present enetCollect, a newly funded COST Action that aims at enhancing the production of language learning material (such as lesson content) and the creation and extension of language-related datasets (such as lexicographic ...
  • New domain for promoting energy efficiency: Energy Flexible Building Cluster 

    Vigna I; Pernetti R; Pasut W; Lollini R (2018)
    The ongoing energy system shift—from traditional centralized fossil fuel based to decentralized renewable energy sources based—requires a strengthened control of energy matching. Smart buildings represent the latest step ...
  • New dual in-growth core isotopic technique to assess the root litter carbon input to the soil 

    Panzacchi P; Gioacchini P; Sauer T; Tonon G (2016)
    The root-derived carbon (C) input to the soil, whose quantification is often neglected because of methodological difficulties, is considered a crucial C flux for soil C dynamics and net ecosystem productivity (NEP) studies. ...
  • A new era of federalism: dossier = Une nouvelle ère de fédéralisme 

    Palermo F; Alber E (CIFE, 2012)
    The spring issue 2012 of the Journal "L'Europe en formation" analyzes the relevance of federalism and decentralized government techniques in Europe and worldwide. The goal of the issue is threefold: firstly, it analyzes ...
  • New gene functions in megakaryopoiesis and platelet formation 

    Gieger C; Radhakrishnan A; Cvejic A; Tang W; Porcu E; Pistis G; Serbanovic-Canic J; Elling U; Goodall AH; Labrune Y; Lopez LM; Mägi R; Meacham S; Okada Y; Pirastu N; Sorice R; Teumer A; Voss K; Zhang W; Ramirez-Solis R; Bis JC; Ellinghaus D; Gögele M; Hottenga JJ; Langenberg C; Kovacs P; O'Reilly PF; Shin SY; Esko T; Hartiala J; Kanoni S; Murgia F; Parsa A; Stephens J; van der Harst P; Ellen van der Schoot C; Allayee H; Attwood A; Balkau B; Bastardot F; Basu S; Baumeister SE; Biino G; Bomba L; Bonnefond A; Cambien F; Chambers JC; Cucca F; D'Adamo P; Davies G; de Boer RA; de Geus EJ; Döring A; Elliott P; Erdmann J; Evans DM; Falchi M; Feng W; Folsom AR; Frazer IH; Gibson QD; Glazer NL; Hammond C; Hartikainen AL; Heckbert SR; Hengstenberg C; Hersch M; Illig T; Loos RJ; Jolley J; Khaw KT; Kühnel B; Kyrtsonis MC; Lagou V; Lloyd-Jones H; Lumley T; Mangino M; Maschio A; Mateo Leach I; McKnight B; Memari Y; Mitchell BD; Montgomery GW; Nakamura Y; Nauck M; Navis G; Nöthlings U; Nolte IM; Porteous DJ; Pouta A; Pramstaller PP; Pullat J; Ring SM; Rotter JI; Ruggiero D; Ruokonen A; Sala C; Samani NJ; Sambrook J; Schlessinger D; Schreiber S; Schunkert H; Scott J; Smith NL; Snieder H; Starr JM; Stumvoll M; Takahashi A; Tang WH; Taylor K; Tenesa A; Lay Thein S; Tönjes A; Uda M; Ulivi S; van Veldhuisen DJ; Visscher PM; Völker U; Wichmann HE; Wiggins KL; Willemsen G; Yang TP; Hua Zhao J; Zitting P; Bradley JR; Dedoussis GV; Gasparini P; Hazen SL; Metspalu A; Pirastu M; Shuldiner AR; Joost van Pelt L; Zwaginga JJ; Boomsma DI; Deary IJ; Franke A; Froguel P; Ganesh SK; Jarvelin MR; Martin NG; Meisinger C; Psaty BM; Spector TD; Wareham NJ; Akkerman JW; Ciullo M; Deloukas P; Greinacher A; Jupe S; Kamatani N; Khadake J; Kooner JS; Penninger J; Prokopenko I; Stemple D; Toniolo D; Wernisch L; Sanna S; Hicks AA; Rendon A; Ferreira MA; Ouwehand WH; Soranzo N (2011)
    Platelets are the second most abundant cell type in blood and are essential for maintaining haemostasis. Their count and volume are tightly controlled within narrow physiological ranges, but there is only limited understanding ...
  • New genetic evidence supports isolation and drift in the Ladin communities of the South Tyrolean Alps but not an ancient origin in the Middle East 

    Thomas MG; Barnes I; Weale ME; Jones AL; Forster P; Bradman N; Pramstaller PP (2008)
    Abstract The Alps are one of the most significant geographical barriers in Europe and several isolated Swiss and Italian valleys retain the distinctive Ladin and Romansch languages, alongside the modern majority of Italian ...
  • New genetic loci implicated in fasting glucose homeostasis and their impact on type 2 diabetes risk 

    Dupuis J; Langenberg C; Prokopenko I; Saxena R; Soranzo N; Jackson AU; Wheeler E; Glazer NL; Bouatia-Naji N; Gloyn AL; Lindgren CM; Mägi R; Morris AP; Randall J; Johnson T; Elliott P; Rybin D; Thorleifsson G; Steinthorsdottir V; Henneman P; Grallert H; Dehghan A; Hottenga JJ; Franklin CS; Navarro P; Song K; Goel A; Perry JR; Egan JM; Lajunen T; Grarup N; Sparsø T; Doney A; Voight BF; Stringham HM; Li M; Kanoni S; Shrader P; Cavalcanti-Proença C; Kumari M; Qi L; Timpson NJ; Gieger C; Zabena C; Rocheleau G; Ingelsson E; An P; O'Connell J; Luan J; Elliott A; McCarroll SA; Payne F; Roccasecca RM; Pattou F; Sethupathy P; Ardlie K; Ariyurek Y; Balkau B; Barter P; Beilby JP; Ben-Shlomo Y; Benediktsson R; Bennett AJ; Bergmann S; Bochud M; Boerwinkle E; Bonnefond A; Bonnycastle LL; Borch-Johnsen K; Böttcher Y; Brunner E; Bumpstead SJ; Charpentier G; Chen YD; Chines P; Clarke R; Coin LJ; Cooper MN; Cornelis M; Crawford G; Crisponi L; Day IN; de Geus EJ; Delplanque J; Dina C; Erdos MR; Fedson AC; Fischer-Rosinsky A; Forouhi NG; Fox CS; Frants R; Franzosi MG; Galan P; Goodarzi MO; Graessler J; Groves CJ; Grundy S; Gwilliam R; Gyllensten U; Hadjadj S; Hallmans G; Hammond N; Han X; Hartikainen AL; Hassanali N; Hayward C; Heath SC; Hercberg S; Herder C; Hicks AA; Hillman DR; Hingorani AD; Hofman A; Hui J; Hung J; Isomaa B; Johnson PR; Jørgensen T; Jula A; Kaakinen M; Kaprio J; Kesaniemi YA; Kivimaki M; Knight B; Koskinen S; Kovacs P; Kyvik KO; Lathrop GM; Lawlor DA; Le Bacquer O; Lecoeur C; Li Y; Lyssenko V; Mahley R; Mangino M; Manning AK; Martínez-Larrad MT; McAteer JB; McCulloch LJ; McPherson R; Meisinger C; Melzer D; Meyre D; Mitchell BD; Morken MA; Mukherjee S; Naitza S; Narisu N; Neville MJ; Oostra BA; Orrù M; Pakyz R; Palmer CN; Paolisso G; Pattaro C; Pearson D; Peden JF; Pedersen NL; Perola M; Pfeiffer AF; Pichler I; Polasek O; Posthuma D; Potter SC; Pouta A; Province MA; Psaty BM; Rathmann W; Rayner NW; Rice K; Ripatti S; Rivadeneira F; Roden M; Rolandsson O; Sandbaek A; Sandhu M; Sanna S; Sayer AA; Scheet P; Scott LJ; Seedorf U; Sharp SJ; Shields B; Sigurethsson G; Sijbrands EJ; Silveira A; Simpson L; Singleton A; Smith NL; Sovio U; Swift A; Syddall H; Syvänen AC; Tanaka T; Thorand B; Tichet J; Tönjes A; Tuomi T; Uitterlinden AG; van Dijk KW; van Hoek M; Varma D; Visvikis-Siest S; Vitart V; Vogelzangs N; Waeber G; Wagner PJ; Walley A; Walters GB; Ward KL; Watkins H; Weedon MN; Wild SH; Willemsen G; Witteman JC; Yarnell JW; Zeggini E; Zelenika D; Zethelius B; Zhai G; Zhao JH; Zillikens MC; DIAGRAM Consortium; GIANT Consortium; Global BPgen Consortium; Borecki IB; Loos RJ; Meneton P; Magnusson PK; Nathan DM; Williams GH; Hattersley AT; Silander K; Salomaa V; Smith GD; Bornstein SR; Schwarz P; Spranger J; Karpe F; Shuldiner AR; Cooper C; Dedoussis GV; Serrano-Ríos M; Morris AD; Lind L; Palmer LJ; Hu FB; Franks PW; Ebrahim S; Marmot M; Kao WH; Pankow JS; Sampson MJ; Kuusisto J; Laakso M; Hansen T; Pedersen O; Pramstaller PP; Wichmann HE; Illig T; Rudan I; Wright AF; Stumvoll M; Campbell H; Wilson JF; Anders Hamsten on behalf of Procardis Consortium; MAGIC Investigators; Bergman RN; Buchanan TA; Collins FS; Mohlke KL; Tuomilehto J; Valle TT; Altshuler D; Rotter JI; Siscovick DS; Penninx BW; Boomsma DI; Deloukas P; Spector TD; Frayling TM; Ferrucci L; Kong A; Thorsteinsdottir U; Stefansson K; van Duijn CM; Aulchenko YS; Cao A; Scuteri A; Schlessinger D; Uda M; Ruokonen A; Jarvelin MR; Waterworth DM; Vollenweider P; Peltonen L; Mooser V; Abecasis GR; Wareham NJ; Sladek R; Froguel P; Watanabe RM; Meigs JB; Groop L; Boehnke M; McCarthy MI; Florez JC; Barroso I (2010)
    Levels of circulating glucose are tightly regulated. To identify new loci influencing glycemic traits, we performed meta-analyses of 21 genome-wide association studies informative for fasting glucose, fasting insulin and ...