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  • 3-D Percolative Model-Based Multiscale Simulation of Randomly Aligned Networks of Carbon Nanotubes 

    Colasanti S; Bhatt V; Abdelhalim A; Lugli P (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
    A carbon nanotube (CNT) network is an aggregate of nanotubes with different properties, which is randomly deposited over a certain substrate. The way the CNTs are physically arranged gives the electrical behavior of the ...
  • 3-D-numerical Investigation of the Outflow-Hydrograph for Dam Failure 

    The flood wave characteristic originating from of a dam break is of basic relevance for the extent and impact of flood wave propagation and the issue of evacuation plans. By applying 3D numerical simulations with the FLOW-3D ...
  • 32-channel time-correlated-single-photon-counting system for high-throughput lifetime imaging 

    Peronio P; Labanca I; Acconcia G; Ruggeri A; Lavdas AA; Hicks AA; Pramstaller PP; Ghioni M; Rech I (2017)
    Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) is a very efficient technique for measuring weak and fast optical signals, but it is mainly limited by the relatively "long" measurement time. Multichannel systems have been ...
  • 3D modeling of CNT networks for sensing applications 

    Colasanti S; Bhatt V; Lugli P (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
    A novel numerical 3D-model for simulations of random networks of carbon nanotubes is presented. This new algorithm takes into account the real 3D nature of these networks, allowing a better understanding of their electrical ...
  • A 3D self-consistent percolative model for AC-DC electrical analysis of carbon nanotubes networks 

    Colasanti S; Bhatt V; Abdelhalim A; Abdellah A; Lugli P (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
    We present a SPICE-based percolative model for the simulation of randomly aligned networks of carbon nanotubes (CNT). The network generation is based on a stochastic algorithm that randomly generates nanotubes over a ...
  • 3D self-consistent percolative model for networks of randomly aligned carbon nanotubes 

    Colasanti S; Bhatt V; Abdellah A; Lugli P (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2015)
    A numerical percolative model for simulations of random networks of carbon nanotubes is presented. This algorithm takes into account the real 3D nature of these networks, allowing for a better understanding of their ...
  • 3D video coding using motion information and depth map 

    Cheng F; Xiao J; Tillo T (IEEE Computer Society, 2015)
    In this paper, a motion-information-based 3D video coding method is proposed for the texture plus depth 3D video format. The synchronized global motion information of camcorder is sampled to assist the encoder to improve ...
  • 3D-cultivation of NSCLC cell lines induce gene expression alterations of key cancer-associated pathways and mimic in-vivo conditions 

    Gamerith G; Rainer J; Huber JM; Hackl H; Trajanoski Z; Koeck S; Lorenz E; Kern J; Kofler R; Kellm JM; Zwierzina H; Amann A (2017)
    This work evaluated gene expression differences between a hanging-drop 3D NSCLC model and 2D cell cultures and their in-vivo relevance by comparison to patient-derived data from The Cancer Genome Atlas. Gene expression of ...
  • 3D-numerical Refinements to Simulate High-Head Power Plants 

    Gabl R; Achleitner S; Neuner J; Aufleger M (Tsinghua Univ. Press, 2013)
    The presented work deals with the coupling of 1D- and 3D-numerical approaches to simulate water hammer effects and surge tanks of high-head power plants. 3D-numerical simulations are used for an optimization process for ...
  • 4th Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems (EMPIRE) 

    Tkalcic M; Carolis BD; Gemmis M; Kosir A (ACM, 2016)
    The 4th Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems (EMPIRE) is taking place in Boston on September 16th, 2016 in conjunction with the ACM RecSys 2016 conference. The workshop focuses on the acquisition ...
  • 4th Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems (EMPIRE) 2016; Boston, MA, USA, September 16th, 2016, Proceedings 

    Tkalcic M; De Carolis B; de Gemmis M; Kosir A (RWTH, 2016)
    This volume contains the papers presented at the 4th Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems (EMPIRE), hold as part of the 10th ACM Conference on Recommender System (RecSys), in Boston, MA, USA. ...
  • 52 Genetic Loci Influencing Myocardial Mass 

    van der Harst P; van Setten J; Verweij N; Vogler G; Franke L; Maurano MT; Wang X; Mateo Leach I; Eijgelsheim M; Sotoodehnia N; Hayward C; Sorice R; Meirelles O; Lyytikäinen LP; Polašek O; Tanaka T; Arking DE; Ulivi S; Trompet S; Müller-Nurasyid M; Smith AV; Dörr M; Kerr KF; Magnani JW; Del Greco M F; Zhang W; Nolte IM; Silva CT; Padmanabhan S; Tragante V; Esko T; Abecasis GR; Adriaens ME; Andersen K; Barnett P; Bis JC; Bodmer R; Buckley BM; Campbell H; Cannon MV; Chakravarti A; Chen LY; Delitala A; Devereux RB; Doevendans PA; Dominiczak AF; Ferrucci L; Ford I; Gieger C; Harris TB; Haugen E; Heinig M; Hernandez DG; Hillege HL; Hirschhorn JN; Hofman A; Hubner N; Hwang SJ; Iorio A; Kähönen M; Kellis M; Kolcic I; Kooner IK; Kooner JS; Kors JA; Lakatta EG; Lage K; Launer LJ; Levy D; Lundby A; Macfarlane PW; May D; Meitinger T; Metspalu A; Nappo S; Naitza S; Neph S; Nord AS; Nutile T; Okin PM; Olsen JV; Oostra BA; Penninger JM; Pennacchio LA; Pers TH; Perz S; Peters A; Pinto YM; Pfeufer A; Pilia MG; Pramstaller PP; Prins BP; Raitakari OT; Raychaudhuri S; Rice KM; Rossin EJ; Rotter JI; Schafer S; Schlessinger D; Schmidt CO; Sehmi J; Silljé HH; Sinagra G; Sinner MF; Slowikowski K; Soliman EZ; Spector TD; Spiering W; Stamatoyannopoulos JA; Stolk RP; Strauch K; Tan ST; Tarasov KV; Trinh B; Uitterlinden AG; van den Boogaard M; van Duijn CM; van Gilst WH; Viikari JS; Visscher PM; Vitart V; Völker U; Waldenberger M; Weichenberger CX; Westra HJ; Wijmenga C; Wolffenbuttel BH; Yang J; Bezzina CR; Munroe PB; Snieder H; Wright AF; Rudan I; Boyer LA; Asselbergs FW; van Veldhuisen DJ; Stricker BH; Psaty BM; Ciullo M; Sanna S; Lehtimäki T; Wilson JF; Bandinelli S; Alonso A; Gasparini P; Jukema JW; Kääb S; Gudnason V; Felix SB; Heckbert SR; de Boer RA; Newton-Cheh C; Hicks AA; Chambers JC; Jamshidi Y; Visel A; Christoffels VM; Isaacs A; Samani NJ; de Bakker PI (2016)
    Myocardial mass is a key determinant of cardiac muscle function and hypertrophy. Myocardial depolarization leading to cardiac muscle contraction is reflected by the amplitude and duration of the QRS complex on the ...
  • The 5300-year-old Helicobacter pylori genome of the Iceman 

    Maixner F; Krause-Kyora B; Turaev D; Herbig A; Hoopmann MR; Hallows JL; Kusebauch U; Vigl EE; Malfertheiner P; Megraud F; O'Sullivan N; Cipollini G; Coia V; Samadelli M; Engstrand L; Linz B; Moritz RL; Grimm R; Krause J; Nebel A; Moodley Y; Rattei T; Zink A (2016)
    The stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori is one of the most prevalent human pathogens. It has dispersed globally with its human host resulting in a distinct phylogeographic pattern that can be used to reconstruct both ...
  • 779. De Rü, Micurà 

    Videsott, G; Videsott, P (Editrice Bibliografica, 2013)
  • 788. Declara, Jan Matî 

    Videsott, G; Videsott, P (Editrice Bibliografica, 2013)
  • 7X7 

    Burtscher A; Gigliotti R; Lupo D (2010)
  • 90-Day Mortality after Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer: Prognostic Factors in a Multicenter Case Series 

    D'Elia C; Comploj E; Cerruto MA; Trenti E; Palermo SM; Melotti R; Artibani W; Pycha A (2016)
    OBJECTIVES: To identify preoperative risk factors for 90-day mortality and to validate existing nomograms in a multicenter series of patients undergoing radical cystectomy (RC). MATERIALS AND METHODS: We evaluated 90-day ...
  • A flume experiment on wood storage and remobilization in braided river systems 

    Bertoldi, W; Welber, M; Mao, L; Zanella, S; Comiti, F (Wiley: 12 months, 2014)
    This work investigates wood dynamics in braided streams through physical modelling in a mobile bed laboratory flume, with the specific objective to characterize wood storage and turnover as a function of wood input rate ...
  • A new monitoring station for debris flows in the European Alps: first observations in the Gadria basin 

    Comiti, F; Marchi, L; Macconi, P; Arattano, M; Bertoldi, G; Borga, M; Brardinoni, F; Cavalli, M; D’Agostino, V; Penna, D; Theule, J (Springer Verlag (Germany), 2014)
    Debris-flow monitoring in instrumented areas is an invaluable way to gather field data that may improve the understanding of these hazardous phenomena. A new experimental site has been equipped in the Autonomous Province ...
  • A robust scheme for multilevel extendible hashing 

    Helmer, S; Neumann, T; Moerkotte, G (SpringerSpringer Verlag (Germany), 2003)
    Dynamic hashing, while surpassing other access methods for uniformly distributed data, usually performs badly for non-uniformly distributed data. We propose a robust scheme for multi-level extendible hashing, allowing ...