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    • Tunable thermoresponsive TiO2/SiO2 Bragg stacks based on sol-gel fabrication methods 

      Pavlichenko I; Exner A; Lugli P; Scarpa G; Lotsch B (2013)
      Thermoresponsive TiO2/SiO2 one-dimensional photonic crystals (Bragg stacks) fabricated via sol-gel processing methods represent a promising class of environmentally responsive nanostructures featuring optically encoded ...
    • Tuning the Piezoelectric Fields in Quantum Dots: Microscopic Description of Dots Grown on (N11) Surfaces 

      Povolotskyi M; Di Carlo A; Lugli P; Birner S; Vogl P (2004)
      We theoretically investigated the elastic deformation and piezoelectric field in InAs quantum dots grown on (N11) GaAs substrates. Particular attention was given to the influence of the substrate orientation on both the ...
    • Turismo y crecimiento económico: El caso de Antioquia 

      Brida JG; Monterubbianesi PD; Zapata Aguirre S; Giraldo Velásquez CM (2010)
      En los últimos treinta años, el turismo ha pasado a formar parte de la economía mundial como una de las actividades más “prometedoras”. Si bien por su naturaleza posee ciertas sensibilidades hacia los estímulos hostiles ...
    • Turismo y crecimiento económico: El caso de Uruguay 

      Brida JG; Lanzilotta B; Risso WA (2008)
      El turismo es uno de los factores más importantes en la productividad de una economía con significativos efectos multiplicadores la misma. El objetivo de esta investigación es analizar los efectos de la actividad turística ...
    • Turning The Partial-Closed World Assumption Upside Down 

      Razniewski S; Savkovic O; Nutt W (CEUR-WS, 2016)
      The partial-closed world setting provides an intermediate ground between open-world and closed-world settings. Previous work on the partial-closed world assumption assumes that incompleteness is the default, i.e., that ...
    • Turning Vanity Fair into The Coelestial City: England’s Legal Narratives of the Body Politic from Bunyan to Thackeray 

      Nicolini M (2018)
      The article addresses the different narratives that characterize English constitutional history. It first examines the mainstream narrative, i.e., the retrospective reading of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century ...
    • „…tutti giù per terra“ 

      Prey K (2016)
    • Tutto il MOOC minuto per minuto 

      Del Fatto V; Dodero G; Raimato G (2016)
      In questo lavoro si descrive brevemente un’esperienza in corso di realizzazione, ovvero l'offerta di un MOOC pensato per le scuole superiori come attività di orientamento all'Informatica. Per una maggiore motivazione degli ...
    • Twelve type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci identified through large-scale association analysis 

      Voight BF; Scott LJ; Steinthorsdottir V; Morris AP; Dina C; Welch RP; Zeggini E; Huth C; Aulchenko YS; Thorleifsson G; McCulloch LJ; Ferreira T; Grallert H; Amin N; Wu G; Willer CJ; Raychaudhuri S; McCarroll SA; Langenberg C; Hofmann OM; Dupuis J; Qi L; Segrè AV; van Hoek M; Navarro P; Ardlie K; Balkau B; Benediktsson R; Bennett AJ; Blagieva R; Boerwinkle E; Bonnycastle LL; Bengtsson Boström K; Bravenboer B; Bumpstead S; Burtt NP; Charpentier G; Chines PS; Cornelis M; Couper DJ; Crawford G; Doney AS; Elliott KS; Elliott AL; Erdos MR; Fox CS; Franklin CS; Ganser M; Gieger C; Grarup N; Green T; Griffin S; Groves CJ; Guiducci C; Hadjadj S; Hassanali N; Herder C; Isomaa B; Jackson AU; Johnson PR; Jørgensen T; Kao WH; Klopp N; Kong A; Kraft P; Kuusisto J; Lauritzen T; Li M; Lieverse A; Lindgren CM; Lyssenko V; Marre M; Meitinger T; Midthjell K; Morken MA; Narisu N; Nilsson P; Owen KR; Payne F; Perry JR; Petersen AK; Platou C; Proença C; Prokopenko I; Rathmann W; Rayner NW; Robertson NR; Rocheleau G; Roden M; Sampson MJ; Saxena R; Shields BM; Shrader P; Sigurdsson G; Sparsø T; Strassburger K; Stringham HM; Sun Q; Swift AJ; Thorand B; Tichet J; Tuomi T; van Dam RM; van Haeften TW; van Herpt T; van Vliet-Ostaptchouk JV; Walters GB; Weedon MN; Wijmenga C; Witteman J; Bergman RN; Cauchi S; Collins FS; Gloyn AL; Gyllensten U; Hansen T; Hide WA; Hitman GA; Hofman A; Hunter DJ; Hveem K; Laakso M; Mohlke KL; Morris AD; Palmer CN; Pramstaller PP; Rudan I; Sijbrands E; Stein LD; Tuomilehto J; Uitterlinden A; Walker M; Wareham NJ; Watanabe RM; Abecasis GR; Boehm BO; Campbell H; Daly MJ; Hattersley AT; Hu FB; Meigs JB; Pankow JS; Pedersen O; Wichmann HE; Barroso I; Florez JC; Frayling TM; Groop L; Sladek R; Thorsteinsdottir U; Wilson JF; Illig T; Froguel P; van Duijn CM; Stefansson K; Altshuler D; Boehnke M; McCarthy MI; MAGIC Investigators; GIANT Consortium (2010)
      By combining genome-wide association data from 8,130 individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and 38,987 controls of European descent and following up previously unidentified meta-analysis signals in a further 34,412 cases ...
    • Two applications of concept refinement 

      Confalonieri R; Troquard N; Galliani P; Kutz O; Peñaloza R; Porello D (CEUR-WS, 2018)
      We describe two applications of refinement operators that can generalise and specialise concepts expressed in the ALC description logic language. The first application addresses the problem of analysing the joint coherence ...
    • Two novel aggregation-based algebraic multigrid methods 

      Liao J; Huang TZ; Carpentieri B (2013)
      In the last two decades, substantial effort has been devoted to solve large systems of linear equations with algebraic multigrid (AMG) method. Usually, these systems arise from discretizing partial differential equations ...
    • Two plasma membrane H+-ATPase genes are differentially expressed in iron-deficient cucumber plants 

      Santi S; Cesco S; Varanini Z; Pinton R (2005)
      Aim of the present work was to investigate the involvement of plasma membrane (PM) H+-ATPase (E.C. isoforms of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in the response to Fe deficiency. Two PM H+-ATPase cDNAs (CsHA1 and ...
    • Two-dimensional electrophoresis and IgEmediated food allergy 

      De Angelis M; Di Cagno R; Minervini F; Rizzello CG; Gobbetti M (2010)
      Food allergy is recognized as one of the major health concerns. It is estimated that ca. 4% of the population is affected by food allergenic disorders. Food allergies are defined as IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reactions. ...
    • Two-phase equilibrium model of multi-stage combustion processes 

      Dinu R; Baratieri M; Baggio P; Badea A; Apostol T; Grigiante M (ETA-Renewable Energies, 2007)
    • Two-Player Game Structures for Generalized Planning and Agent Composition 

      De Giacomo G; Felli P; Patrizi F; Sardina S (AAAI Press, 2010)
      In this paper, we review a series of agent behavior synthesis problems under full observability and nondeter-minism (partial controllability), ranging from conditional planning, to recently introduced agent planning programs, ...
    • Two-source energy balance modeling of evapotranspiration in Alpine grasslands 

      Castelli M; Anderson M; Yang Y; Wohlfahrt G; Bertoldi G; Niedrist G; Hammerle A; Zhao P; Zebisch M; Notarnicola C (2018)
      This work aims to assess a diagnostic approach which links evapotranspiration (ET) to land surface temperature (LST) measured by thermal remote sensing in the Alps. We estimated gridded ET, from field (30 m) to regional ...
    • Two-stage approach to state and force estimation in rigid-link multibody systems 

      Palomba I; Richiedei D; Trevisani A (2017)
      A novel two-stage approach is presented for improving the estimates of both the kinematic state and the unknown external forces in rigid-link multibody systems with negligible joint clearance. The approach is said to be a ...