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    • Plan A Day 

      Baschieri D; Gaspari M; Zini F (2018)
      A novel Cognitive rehabilitation exercise based on automated planning.
    • Plan synthesis for knowledge and action bases 

      Calvanese D; Montali M; Patrizi F; Stawowy M (AAAI Press, 2016)
      We study plan synthesis for a variant of Knowledge and Action Bases (KABs), a rich, dynamic framework, where states are description logic (DL) knowledge bases (KBs) whose extensional part is manipulated by actions that ...
    • Planar Nanogap Electrodes by Direct Nanotransfer Printing 

      Strobel S; Harrer S; Blanco GP; Scarpa G; Abstreiter G; Lugli P; Tornow M (WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, 2009)
      The fabrication of planar nanogap electrodes on a silicon substrate, using direct high-resolution metal nanotransfer printing (nTP) was investigated. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) molds were obtained by growing a ...
    • Planetary Speed Reducers: Efficiency, Backlash, Stiffness 

      Arigoni R; Cognigni E; Musolesi M; Gorla C; Concli F (VDI, 2010)
      Advantages of planetary speed reducers are well known and due to their compact design and power density they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Efficiency is becoming more and more a main concern in the design ...
    • Planning City Refurbishment: an Exploratory Study at District Scale: How to move towards positive energy districts - approach of the SINFONIA project 

      Nzengue Y; Du Boishamon A; Laffont-Eloire K; Partenay V; Abdelouadoud Y; Zambelli P; D'Alonzo V; Vaccaro R (2017)
      This paper presents an exploratory study on planning city refurbishment for the energy transition of Smart Cities. This study was carried out at the district scale in a European pilot city. The applied district template ...
    • Planning for a Single Agent in a Multi-Agent Environment Using FOND 

      Muise C; Felli P; Miller T; Pearce AR; Sonenberg L (IJCAI/AAAI Press, 2016)
      Single-agent planning in a multi-agent environment is challenging because the actions of other agents can affect our ability to achieve a goal. From a given agent's perspective, actions of others can be viewed as ...
    • Planning of self-contained, adaptable production modules (Planung autonomer, wandlungsfähiger Produktionsmodule) 

      Matt, DT (Carl Hanser Verlag, 2002)
      Fast changes in customer needs and continuously new product trends define increasing requirements for the flexibility and productivity of modern industrial plants. Production systems of the future are able to handle the ...
    • Planning over multi-agent epistemic states: A classical planning approach 

      Muise C; Belle V; Felli P; McIlraith S; Miller T; Pearce AR; Sonenberg L (AAAI Press, 2015)
      Many AI applications involve the interaction of multiple autonomous agents, requiring those agents to reason about their own beliefs, as well as those of other agents. However, planning involving nested beliefs is known ...
    • Plant community composition is the crucial factor for heath performance under precipitation extremes 

      Gellesch, E; Wellstein, C; Beierkuhnlein, C; Kreyling, J; Walter, J; Jentsch, A (Wiley: 12 months, 2015)
      Question: Studying the effects of alterations in precipitation regime on plant communities, including drought and heavy rain spells, is gaining increased importance under climate change. Numerous studies focus on shifts ...
    • Plant diversity and annual layer counting based on pollen analyses of an Adamello Glacier ice core 

      Festi D; Maggi V; Vernesi C; Cristofori A; Zerbe S; Wellstein C; Oeggl K (EGU, 2018)
      The Adamello glacier is the most extent (16,3 km²) and deepest (270 m) glacier of the Southern European Alps. It is located in northern Italy at about 3100 m asl and it is considered a temperate glacier. Our study is part ...
    • Plant functional assemblages as indicators of the resilience ofgrassland ecosystem service provision 

      Kohler M; Devaux C; Grigulis K; Leitinger G; Lavorel S; Tappeiner U (2017)
      Ecosystems provide a variety of ecosystem services (ES), which act as key linkages between social and ecological systems. ES respond spatially and temporally to abiotic and biotic variation, and to management. Thus, resistant ...
    • Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome 

      Bjorkman A; Myers-Smith I; Elmendorf S; Normand S; Rüger N; Beck P; Blach-Overgaard A; Blok D; Cornelissen JHC; Forbes B; Georges D; Goetz S; Guay K; Henry G; Hollister R; Kattge J; Prevey J; HilleRisLambers J; Rixen C; Schaepman-Strub G; Thomas H; Vellend M; Wilmking M; Wipf S; Karger DN; Carbognani M; Hermanutz L; Lévesque E; Molau U; Petraglia A; Soudzilovskaia N; Spasojevic M; Tomaselli M; Vowles T; Alatalo J; Alexander H; Anadon-Rosell A; Angers-Blondin S; te Beest M; Berner L; Bjork R; Buchwal A; Buras A; Christie K; Siegwart Collier L; Cooper E; SDullinger; Elberling B; Eskelinen A; Frei E; Garcia M; Grau O; Grogan P; Hallinger M; Harper K; heijmans M; Hudson J; Hülber K; Iversen C; Jaroszynska F; Johnstone J; Jørgensen R; Kaarlejärvi E; Klady R; Kuleza S; Kulonen A; Lamarque L; Lantz T; Little C; Speed J; Michelsen A; Milbau A; Nabe-Nielsen J; Nielsen S; Ninot J; Oberbauer S; Olofsson J; Onipchenko V; Rumpf S; Semenchuk P; Shetti R; Street L; Suding K; Tape K; Trant; A Treier U; Tremblay JP; Tremblay M; Venn S; Weijers S; Zamin T; Boulanger-Lapointe N; Gould W; Hik D; Hofgaard A; Jónsdóttir I; Jorgenson J; Klein J; Magnusson B; Tweedie C; Wookey P; Bahn M; Blonder B; van Bodegom P; Bond-Lamberty B; Campetella G; Cerabolini B; Chapin III FS; Cornwell W; Craine J; Dainese M; de Vries F; Diaz S; Onoda Y; Ordonez J; Ozinga W; Penuelas J; Poorter H; Poschlod P; Enquist B; Green W; Manning P; Milla R; Niinemets Ü; Reich P; Sandel B; Schamp B; Sheremetev S; Weiher E (2018)
      The tundra is warming more rapidly than any other biome on Earth, and the potential ramifications are far-reaching because of global feedback effects between vegetation and climate. A better understanding of how environmental ...
    • Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria Azospirillum brasilense e processi di acquisizione del Fe in piante di cetriolo 

      Pii Y; Marastoni L; Springeth C; Fontanella MC; Beone GM; Cesco S; Mimmo T (SICA, 2016)
    • Plant Sr isotope ratios as affected by the Sr isotope ratio of the soil and of the external Sr inputs 

      Aguzzoni A; Bassi M; Robatscher P; Tagliavini M; Tirler W; Scandellari F (2018)
      The 87Sr/86Sr ratio of a produce is generally linked with the soil geological features of the growing areas. This study aimed at assessing to which extent the addition of external Sr by agricultural practices, like irrigation ...
    • Plant-borne Flavonoids released into the rhizosphere: Impact on soil bio-activities related to plant nutrition: A review 

      Cesco S; Mimmo T; Tonon G; Tomasi N; Pinton R; Terzano R; Neumann G; Weisskopf L; Renella G; Landi L; Nannipieri P (2012)
    • Plant-environment interactions through a functional traits perspective: a review of Italian studies 

      Chelli S; Marignani M; Barni E; Petraglia A; Puglielli G; Wellstein C; Acosta ATR; Bolpagni R; Bragazza L; Campetella G; Chiarucci A; Conti L; Nascimbene J; Orsenigo S; Pierce S; Ricotta C; Tardella FM; Abeli T; Aronne G; Bacaro G; Bagella S; Benesperi R; Bernareggi G; Bonanomi G; Bricca A; Brusa G; Buffa G; Burrascano S; Caccianiga M; Calabrese V; Canullo R; Carbognani M; Carboni M; Carranza ML; Catorci A; Ciccarelli D; Citterio S; Cutini M; Dalle Fratte M; De Micco V; Del Vecchio S; Di Martino L; Di Musciano M; Fantinato E; Filigheddu R; Frattaroli AR; Gentili R; Gerdol R; Giarrizzo E; Giordani P; Gratani L; Incerti G; Lussu M; Mazzoleni S; Mondoni A; Montagnani C; Montagnoli A; Paura B; Petruzzellis F; Pisanu S; Rossi G; Sgarbi E; Simonetti E; Siniscalco C; Slaviero A; Stanisci A; Stinca A; Tomaselli M (2019)
      Italy is among the European countries with the greatest plant diversity due to both a great environmental heterogeneity and a long history of man–environment interactions. Trait-based approaches to ecological studies have ...
    • Plant-microbiota interactions as a driver of the mineral Turnover in the Rhizosphere 

      Alegria Terrazas R; Giles C; Paterson E; Robertson-Albertyn S; Cesco S; Mimmo T; Pii Y; Bulgarelli D (Academic Press Inc., 2016)
      A major challenge facing agriculture in the 21st century is the need to increase the productivity of cultivated land while reducing the environmentally harmful consequences of mineral fertilization. The microorganisms ...
    • Plant-microorganism-soil interactions influence the Fe availability in the rhizosphere of cucumber plants 

      Pii Y; Penn A; Terzano R; Crecchio C; Mimmo T; Cesco S (2015)
      Iron (Fe) is a very important element for plants, since it is involved in many biochemical processes and, often, for the low solubility of the natural Fe sources in soil, plants suffer from Fe deficiency, especially when ...
    • Plantaricin A promotes in vitro proliferation and migration of human keratinocytes and increases the expression of TGF-beta 1, FGF7, VEGF-A and IL-8 genes 

      Marzani B; Pinto D; De Angelis M; Gobbetti M; Benedusi A; Giuliani G (2012)
      Plantaricin A (PlnA), a peptide pheromone, was investigated on the wound healing process via in vitro tests in human keratinocyte NCTC 2544 cell line. PlnA was chemically synthesized and used as pure peptide or biologically ...